As the manager of a shop or restaurant, the shopkeeper has specific needs to develop his business and increase his turnover.

Time is against them every day. This is why at 2UPGRADE we have selected a range of efficient services for the retail and catering industries.

2UPGRADE offers a wide range of mobile and fixed cash register solutions for retail and hospitality businesses, including a range of integrated tablet and touch screen stands, kiosks, scales, digital labels and many other solutions.

Receive credit card payments directly in your establishment or outside. 

Discover a terminal adapted to your needs and accept payments with or without contacts.

Banking terminals (coming soon)

A clear and quick sales interface to get used to from the very first sales.

Our advisors will help you to manage your point of sale in an intuitive and user-friendly way thanks to a simple administrative panel and relevant options.

Want to extend the functionality of your sales process and save time every day? Connect your sales tools to the services you use the most, such as your billing CRM.

Link with a CRM tool

Benefit from the power of a digital cash register in the cloud, providing the flexibility and agility you need for any business.

A business or a restaurant, from the online shop to the stock, from the table to the kitchen. Take advantage of the automatic synchronisation of your establishments. A significant time-saver, no more duplication of work.

Place orders directly from the bar or kitchen

Compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers

Convenient integrations from all kinds of third-party applications

Whether you work in a physical store or via a tablet or smartphone

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