Want to start your first professional website or simply refresh your online presence with a revolutionary and powerful CMS? Efficient in terms of referencing and acceleration of online traffic, in total respect of your budget. Are you ready? We can start your site now and link your domain name later .


From now on, 2UPGRADE will offer you 500 business cards with your company's logo on both sides when you create your website.

All of our designs are designed to be Responsive on all screens (smartphones, tablets and computers).

Today, an optimized site that complies with the current standards benefits from a better positioning in Google and other search engines.A specific design is generated for each type of device.

A specific design is generated for each type of device and we simultaneously test the display throughout the design process.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Our marketing solutions

In order to give a professional look to each of our creations. We provide all the necessary images for your design from professional royalty-free image banks.

If it is necessary to produce visuals specific to your activity, we offer a professional shooting service, in a studio or at home (equipment provided for this purpose, lighting, tripods, etc.) for a better result.


All of our websites are hosted on Amazon's Cloudfront CDN platform (the same servers as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack, and Adobe) and are accelerated using Fastly, loading sites in milliseconds. Our hosting automatically scales to handle millions of concurrent visits.

Ultra-fast page loading

Better natural referencing on Google

No upgrades, no modules to install

Multi-screen structural customization of your design

Backups & Versioning

Ability to manage databases

A sumptuous online showcase.

€ 29 excl. tax/month*.

A blog or content site.

€ 49 excl. tax/month*.

A high-performance site.

€ 79 excl. tax/month*.

*Excluding design costs
**Free of charge for the creation of your website, from 31/05/2020

Merci ! Nos conseillers vont vous contacter dès réception de votre demande.
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